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Lower Fuel Consumption by

Increase Engine Lifespan by

Reduce NOx Emissions by

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Whether you’re in trucking, agriculture, oil & gas, marine industries, construction, railway, education, or just want to save at the pump and at the shop, EnerBurn is a fuel catalyst that will keep more of your hard-earned money in your pockets.

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"EnerBurn really works! After hearing about the product we began using it on our company trucks and have seen excellent results not only in improved performance but lower cost fuel consumption."

Phillips & Jordan Construction

"After the short conditioning period, the results were immediately apparent with demonstrably improved fuel economy, lower emissions, and extended engine life. We firmly believe that our ongoing use of EnerBurn continues to deliver financial savings both in fuel consumption and maintenance."

Robson Civil Projects

"EnerBurn has been a great solution for us. We were pleased to discover that EnerBurn is not an additive but an actual catalyst which stands up to its name. Our fuel consumption has been lowered significantly as a result of using this product."

Ames Construction


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