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How much money can EnerBurn save your company on diesel each month? Let's find out!


Why EnerBurn?

Lower Fuel Consumption by

Increase Engine Lifespan by

Reduce NOx Emissions by

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Here's what our customers have to say about EnerBurn.

"EnerBurn has been a great solution for us. We were pleased to discover that EnerBurn is not an additive but an actual catalyst which stands up to its name. Our fuel consumption has been lowered significantly as a result of using this product."

Ames Construction

"EnerBurn really works! After hearing about the product we began using it on our company trucks and have seen excellent results not only in improved performance but lower cost fuel consumption."

Phillips & Jordan Construction

"After the short conditioning period, the results were immediately apparent with demonstrably improved fuel economy, lower emissions, and extended engine life. We firmly believe that our ongoing use of EnerBurn continues to deliver financial savings both in fuel consumption and maintenance."

Robson Civil Projects

Questions? We have answers!

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About The Product

What is EnerBurn?

Unlike additives, Enerburn® is a diesel fuel catalyst that actually changes the molecular structure of affected parts, improving their ability to more efficiently burn diesel at lower temperatures and increase engine performance.

How does EnerBurn work?

The EnerBurn® catalyst conditions the surfaces of the combustion chamber by coating the chamber and doubling the rate of combustion. By increasing the pressure on the crank angle more rapidly, the EnerBurn® catalyst allows the diesel engine to operate with improved horsepower at lower fuel consumption rates while also lowering engine temperatures. This increased efficiency and performance equates to lower operating costs in all diesel applications.


EnerBurn® also reduces the levels of diesel exhaust, specifically the unburned carbon being released back into the oil in the form of soot particulates. This results in lower maintenance costs in filtration reconditioning.

What are the benefits of using EnerBurn?
  • Lower fuel consumption rates by 10%+
  • Increase engine lifespan by 50%+
  • Lower engine temperatures between 40° and 44° F
  • Increase horsepower by 4%
  • Reduce soot production in the combustion chamber by 60%
  • Reduce highway smoke by 25-60%
  • Reduce NOx emissions by 15-20%
  • Reduce DEF Fluid by 10-15%
How can EnerBurn help?

If you are fighting with regenerations issues with your DPF filters there is a simple solution. The EnerBurn® catalyst, once added to your diesel fuel, will allow your diesel engine to burn fuel more completely and will reduce soot production in the combustion chamber by 60% plus. This will allow your DPF filters to work better and longer without any regeneration problems. The EnerBurn® technology also lowers the burn temperature of carbon (soot) from 1090° to 720° F, which means your DPF filters will automatically regenerate as they were designed to do.

How is EnerBurn different from an additive?

For starters, EnerBurn® is a catalyst, NOT an additive (however it is commonly mistaken for an additive since we deliver the catalyst to the engine via the fuel delivery system). The difference is additives SHOULD work immediately. The EnerBurn® catalyst requires a conditioning period so the engine can become fully conditioned. Once the conditioning period is almost complete, the performance benefits begin to appear and will remain as long as EnerBurn® is delivered to the engine. If you stop treating the engine its performance will revert back to its prior, less efficient state.

How does EnerBurn improve my emissions profile?

EnerBurn® promotes a more complete combustion in your engine. This minimizes the soot in the exhaust stroke thereby reducing the emittants allowed into the exhaust stream.

How To Use The Product

How do I install EnerBurn?

The EnerBurn® installation process is very simple.

  • For singular applications, you can purchase Enerburn in a squeeze bottle that will allow you to accurately provide Enerburn to each tank of fuel.
  • For bulk fueling, one bulk chemical injection system is installed in your fueling locations.

Once you begin delivering EnerBurn® via the fuel, there is nothing further to do. All our bulk injection systems come enabled with telemetry. This allows both EnerTeck and the customer to monitor chemical usage, treatment rates, fuel inflows (can help the customer spot fuel theft) and temperature.

How soon will we see results?

It will vary by engine size and application but in general the conditioning period is approximately 400-500 hours of engine operation. After that period the benefits the product offers will begin to emerge and will continue as long EnerBurn® is delivered to the engine. If you stop treating the engine its performance will revert back to its prior, less efficient state.

How much of the product do I need?
  • 1 oz treats 20 gallons of diesel fuel
  • 1 gallon treats 2500 gallons of diesel fuel

*Disclaimer: Do not overtreat

What are the product quantity options available?
  • 16 oz bottle with squeeze chamber
  • 1 gallon jug
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • 55 gallon drum
  • 275 gallon tote
  • We can also provide bulk

Ready to start saving money on fuel and maintenance?

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